Our Technical equipments

Production facilities

CEGEPLAST possesses a modern production unit composed of 22 injection moulding machines, tailor-made to your needs.

This equipement has been perfected  for single injection and double-injection for technical components.

Our 22 injection moulding machines are made by reputable manufacturers (BILLION, ROMI). They have varying capacities and are adapted for small, large and extra large volumes of production.



  • 2 presses of 50 tons

  • 1 press of 65 tons

  • 1 robotic press of 80 tons

  • 1 robotic press of 120 tons

  • 1 robotic press of 130 tons

  • 1 robotic press of 140 tons

  • 2 robotic presses of 165 tons

  • 3 robotic presses of 200 tons

  • 2 robotic presses of 300 tons

  • 6 double injection robotic presses of 200 tons

  • 2 double injection robotic presses of 320 tons

Automatic material selection and distribution centre.



This new selection and distribution centre has been designed for the connection of several injection moulding machines to different sources of raw material, without human intervention.

For the production of technical parts, the plastic granules are deshumidified by dessiccation before being injected.



The company has the following systems of protection :

The workshops are equipped with fire detection by infrared sensors

Tools and robotic hands are protected in a fire-proof location.